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A vital key to the success of the Whistle Racer brand is the attention to detail.  Once a year, one of the directors visit the factory in Shantou (China) to personally carry out a spot quality control check. This year we upgraded the factory assembly line and appointed a new company to manufacture the bearings.  The bearings are an integral part of the flywheel, which ensures smooth operation of the product.  A visit was also done at the "metallic plating" factory.  This was an impressive visit...the factory was spotless!  They can plate over 20 000 Whistle Racers a day!  Overall, the Quality tests were passed with flying colours!!  Thank you and well done team!!

Yokia at the front office of the factory

Meeting with the factory managers

Batch of metallic yellow shells

Packets of bearings from new factory

Chris' spot preparation for testing 1

Pre Moulds 1

Colour Checking 1

Testing Flywheel 1

AB Solution - Whistle Racer's agency

Yokia checking the wheel selection

AB Solution - The Team

Metallic Plating factory 1

Meeting with the engineer

Metallic Plating factory 2

Metallic colour checking

Double checking the wheel selection

Calibrating the flywheels

10 bearings randomly chosen per packet

Perfectly milled bearing

Perfectly balanced bearing

Chris' spot preparation for testing 2

Chris' spot assembly for testing 1

Chris' spot assembly for testing 2

Pre Moulds 2

Pre Moulds 3

Pre Moulds 4

Colour Checking 2

Colour Checking 3

Colour Checking 4

Testing Flywheel 2

Metallic Plating process

Plating oven

Chris getting his hands dirty...

Dinner after 3 days of testing...

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