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Chris Hattingh


Jo Elliot



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Herman Aronson



Joy Cheng

HK/China Agent


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Sales Logistics


Raymond Leung

Intl Sales


The "Brainchild"

Welcome to Whistle Racer International (Pty) Ltd

Whistle Racer is a company built out of a father’s love for his daughter.  In 2012, Chris Hattingh (owner of Whistle Racer) endured a violent home invasion with his family.  Everything was stolen…including all the kid’s toys.  That weekend it was raining and his children wanted toys to play with.  Chris had a suitcase in the garage which had all of his toys in it from the 1980’s, which he gave them to play with.  In it was a toy that worked by blowing into the back of it.  The kids did not stop playing with this toy the entire weekend.  On that Sunday night, Chris asked his kids for the toys back to put away.  His daughter asked him to buy her one of these toys for herself.  He told her they don’t not make them anymore.  Her reply was:  “Why don’t you make them Daddy???”.  That was the “light-bulb” moment where Whistle Racer was born.  Turning a negative experience into positive life changer.


Back to Basics

In the 21st century, children are exposed to TV, electronic devices and hi tech toys.  Part of a child's development stages include tactile activities.  Whistle Racer is a toy car that does not require batteries and uses many of the senses.  It is enjoyed by both Boys and Girls between the ages of 3 – 10 (some kids even up to the age of 13).


Health Benefits

The action of BLOWING has many benefits, including:  Improved blood circulation, Immune system has more energy, Digestive system works better, Nervous system is calmer, Emotionally feel better, Helps with Asthma and Speech impediment.  Many occupational therapists endorse Whistle Racer world-wide.  See website for more details.



Whistle Racer is  Registered , Copy Righted and Trade Marked world-wide, including a Patent on the unique sound.  Going into year 6, Whistle Racer has made significant improvements for 2019 to facilitate its expected exponential growth.  The improvements include:  New improved flywheel & "All-In-One" blow piece, logo, corporate identity, TVC, sales aids and product range.

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