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  1. Blowing provides many health benefits. You more actively engage your lungs and respiratory muscles when blowing.. This activity naturally stimulates breathing, which can benefit some conditions. This provides both physiological and psychological improvement.

  2. When you blow, your mouth, lips and respiratory muscles engage in a style of breathing called "pursed-lip breathing." This is characterized by a narrower mouth opening. It resembles the type of breath you use to blow out candles.  According to Connect-iCare, a health plan serving Connecticut and Massachusetts, pursed-lip breathing increases pressure on the airways, which in turn helps keep them open. A pursed-lip exhale more thoroughly exhausts the "stale" air in your lungs, leaving more room for fresh inhaled air. This results in better circulation in the respiratory system. When you blow, this respiratory action occurs naturally.

  3. Dyspnoea is a respiratory condition characterized by difficulty in breathing. Pursed-lip exercises can reduce symptoms of dyspnoea, according to an October 1998 article in the journal for the American College of Chest Physicians. This is due to the added pressure on the airways. Sometimes medical practitioners use blowing techniques to demonstrate a proper pursed-lip breathing technique to patients with this condition. Blowing provides the visual example necessary for some patients to fully understand how to breathe in this manner.

  4. Relaxation techniques often focus on breathing exercises. Slow and deep breathing can have a calming effect on the body. This process also encourages you to focus specifically on your breathing so you don't dwell on other potentially stressful thoughts. The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia advocates the use of blowing to relax children before a medical procedure. If a child is unable to engage in slow deliberate breathing on her own, adding a blowing toy to the exercise may offer the stimulation she needs to participate. If necessary, turn the blowing into a game. This encourages the child to maximize his/ her control over her breath and remain focused on exhaling. This simple activity may lead to a less stressful health-care experience.


  1. Respiratory System Works Better
    Respiratory difficulties such as asthma, bronchitis and even chest pain can subside.

  2. Digestive System Does Its Job
    Constipation is very common and is often due to shallow breathing. When people learn to breathe into their lower abdomen they begin to have regular bowel movements right away. Breathing into the gut massages the internal organs to function well. It calms the emotions which directly affects the digestion system. There are other ways to improve digestion but this is an easy one.

  3. Lymphatic System Works Well
    Increases circulation of lymphatic fluid which speeds recovery after illnesses.

  4. Circulation System Moves
    Increases oxygen to the heart. Blood circulates, relieving congestion throughout the body.
    There is a flow of oxygen to the brain and eyes.

  5. Immune System has More Energy
    Helps tissues to regenerate and heal. Creates more energy for the body to heal and detoxify.

  6. Nervous System is Calmer
    Anxiety can be alleviated by deep-breathing habits. You may start to see balance in the two sides of the brain.

  7. Muscular Action and Structurally you Move Easier
    When you breathe easier you move easier. Breathing reduces muscular tension, increases flexibility and strength of joints. Exhaling allows the extension muscles to exercise and strengthen allowing the individual to have a straighter posture.

  8. Cleansing Systems Work Better
    Excess fluids are eliminated through the breath. Stress on organs is lessened, allowing the body to naturally cleanse.

  9. Mentally Present

    Mental observation and concentration is improved.  Breathing provides greater productivity and learning as well as better decision making.

  10. Emotionally Feel Better
    Breathing deeply relaxes the body, reducing feelings of stress. Releases endorphins, natural painkillers that create a natural highs and easy sleep.

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